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TEEN WOLF AU: Resident Evil

Cora and Derek as badass zombie hunters. That’s it, that’s the story.

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I feel like it’s been too long since we had a good ol’ Truth Spell AU. Where it’s like, unwarranted confessions. Telling people stuff they probably don’t even want to know.

The shit Derek could come out with.

"Sometimes I eat a whole chocolate cake for dinner because I know I won’t get fat and both my parents are dead so can’t yell at me for it."

"I got so mad when Scott said I wasn’t his alpha that I took the shoelaces out of all of his left sneakers and he thought it was the neighbours’ cat."

"When I was twelve I accidentally made out with my cousin at a family reunion and my sister took a picture and used it as blackmail for the next seven years. I still don’t know what happened to that photo."

"At one point I got so lonely I started wolfing out and making friends with stray dogs but someone called the cops because they saw a naked guy in the preserve."

"The twins are stupid and mean and when they’re really far away I pretend to squish their heads between my thumb and forefinger. It’s really satisfying."

"The last nightmare I had was about Lydia giving me a makeover."

"Stiles really likes it when I pretend to be Bruce Wayne, and he’s The Joker there to tie me up and ‘pillage my goods’. I’m not really into doing it as much as he seems to be, but he lets me do him up against my big window and gives amazing head after."

And Stiles found it hilarious until the last one, then he’s like, “Oh my god make him stop!”

And Isaac is like, ”Never!

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teen wolf meme: nine aus [3/9] teen wolf as hercules


#alternate universe derek hale #didn’t kill his first love didn’t lose his family #never got used by people who just wanted to hurt him #great big sarcastic goofball who can be kind of a dudebro but is mostly harmless #meets the Sheriff’s kid when his car breaks down and Stiles offers to drive him home #Deputy Laura pulls them over when she spots Derek in the Jeep #but Derek just pulls faces at her until she lets them go#after all he knows Laura lets the Sheriff eat donuts twice a week and he’s not afraid to use that info against her

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Nothing is probably accurate in this.

I imagine:
- The Argents to be very high on the food chain and nobody ever questions them. 
- Stiles and Lydia were engaged when they were very small but then Jackson came into the picture but they are still superb friends and Stiles is still planning a way to get Lydia to marry him instead of Jackson.
- Derek was ordered to keep his life and entertain the masses as a gladiator. ( Coach is the gladiator trainer lol joking)
- Laura and Cora are at Peter’s and know nothing yet. (because I like it when characters are alive)

I blame everything on this lovely photoset and this magical amv where Lydia’s necklace is from.



"Who do you keep looking up to?" asked Isaac, his curls already peeking beneath his helmet. Without seeing the youth in battle it would be hard to believe he was a vicious fighter, already the victor of several battles. It didn’t help him combat the accusation that he had murdered his father, though Isaac still firmly held that he was innocent of such a claim.

"Nothing," Derek answered quietly, strapping his gauntlet tighter. As a formal noble he was better suited for dressing himself in armor than most the men around him, but that didn’t mean the scraps they received fit him any better.

Isaac peered upwards to the balcony full of nobles. “Lady Martin, I wonder?” He chuckled dryly. “I served her at the Whittemore house. Not one to be bedding gladiators at a whim, not if her gaze towards Young Lord Jackson had anything to say.” He glanced back to Derek, as if to confirm his suspicions.

"I know a venomous woman when I see one," was all Derek muttered back.

"Ah, so perhaps her companion?" Isaac looked once more. "Young Lord Stilinski, I believe. Can’t quite remember his first name… Though I remember Lady Martin calling him Stiles."

Obviously a shortening of his family name, Derek thought to himself, gazing up once more to the youth. The boy could be no more than sixteen summers, with an upturned nose and moles that dotted his face. The sun burned brilliantly behind him, giving highlights to his closely cut hair and turning his brown eyes amber.

It set memories blazing in Derek’s mind, of a fortune teller with sad eyes who told him of destiny and greatness. That he would one day meet a child of Apollo, and give them the glory of an empire. He had, only a few months ago, believed that to be Kate. Kate with her golden locks and prideful eyes, who had all the greatness of a God and all the terrible wrath of one.

He looked away from the sunlit boy and back to the arena. Today he wouldn’t simply flash his wolf eyes and scare away a few animals. Today he would kill a man, staining his hands ever deeper with the crimson of death, his blue eyes shining with the innocents killed.

Today he was a gladiator, and today he would not die.

I WAS DRAWING JUST NEEDED REFS AND I WAS IN TROUBLE WITH STILES PENDANT BUT YOU GAVE ME APOLLO AND … ( Sorry no Isaac art so quickly but I got to say ISAAACCCCCC I love you so much for putting Isaac in so perfectly wah! )

Derek can feel someone’s watching him…..

Oh look it’s Stiles! :D

So after the game…

(that thing wishes to be a lute)

((Oh ho ho, my master plan worked but not really cause you were drawing it anyway =w=))

((Another snippet for such lovely art? Yes, I think so…))


"My, my, my," said Lydia as she began to pluck the purple flowers from her hair delicately, one by one. "That certainly is a way to capture Gladiator Hale’s attention. Though I’m not sure what your father will say to throwing away your birthday present to a mere fighter…"

Stiles waved a flippant hand. “That trinket? My father said that it would give me Apollo’s grace. I’m sure Hale needs the Gods’ favor far more than I.”

"Oh? And shall the gladiator receive a young lord’s favor as well?" Lydia scrunched her nose with a wicked smile. "A token of affection seems awfully bold of even you, Stiles. You should have seen the look on Emperor Argent’s face. The old man looked like he was about to pop a vein…" She offered Stiles her hand.

"He would do his oh-so-loyal subjects quite the favor if he did." Stiles took the offered hand, giving her a slight bow. "And why should he care who I take into my bed chambers? I may pay for the pleasure of Hale’s company, same as any other noble."

"Why Stiles, such brash words said in front of such a refined lady as myself," Lydia answered with a smirk as she stood. "With such talk as that you’ll only double your father’s efforts for us to be betrothed, and for me to make a proper lord of you."

Stiles kissed her hand and grinned up to her. “I believe we both know that would never happen, should we be interested in wedding at all. Now is not Lord Jackson expecting to see you within this hour? Speaking of bed chambers, and the dealings within them.”

Lydia tutted as she yanked her hand free, a pretend pout gracing her lips. “Why Stiles, you know I am simply spending the night within Lady Allison’s household.”

"Yes, and Lady Allison is simply spending the night within your household. Accompanied by the faithful soldier Scott, there for her every whim." He gave a cheeky wink. "Hopefully I’ll be having such a faithful soldier of my own soon."


((Oh my god I’m sorry if you had different plans for Scott x Allison but I just went with the whole soldier falls in love with his kick ass lady and I had to run with it >w<))

((Another short snippet for Derek too!))


"The young lord seems to favor you," noted Isaac dryly, washing hot blood off his chest. Derek had been glad that they had never been ordered to fight against each other. The young man’s lithe body and quick moves gave him an advantage to those of greater bulk.

Derek simply allowed the chain of the necklace to slip through his fingers as he passed it from one hand to the other. It was gold and soft, and the pendent was no larger than a coin, with the carving of lute within it. Apollo’s symbol.

Were the gods trying to tell him something?

"Will you be accepting his offer, should he try to buy you for a night?" asked Isaac, leaning cockily against the wall. "If he likes you enough he may buy you. Far better to be a young noble’s plaything than risk your life for a crowd’s amusement, if you ask me."

"And haven’t you had such offers?" asked Derek.

Isaac simply shrugged. “Old politicians all. No, it would take the princess herself to woo me into a bed.” His eyes narrowed “But you kept looking at the lordling, didn’t you? Perhaps his bedchamber is exactly where you wish to be.”

Derek didn’t answer. He couldn’t deny the truth that Lord Stiles’ bed seemed very welcoming, whether the gods led him to it or not.

*brain damaged from all the perfectness given to her* Scott and Allison oh perfect perfect. I love it. the conversation between Stiles and Lydia is very amusing and just lovely as well! >D Muhauhahahaha Not to mention Derek and Isaac…. Love it. I’m so sold! Your plan worked!
This escalated quickly I must say! Muhuhahahaha 
I’ll update tomorrow. got to sleep now. It was worth staying up for so long! Thank you! <3

ah good good~ now i don’t have to write this = v= /sits back and enjoys


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teen wolf au → LOST
scott, we crash landed on some deserted island in the middle of the ocean and there are freakin polar bears! how the hell are we going to be okay?

teen wolf au → LOST

scott, we crash landed on some deserted island in the middle of the ocean and there are freakin polar bears! how the hell are we going to be okay?

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“Someone needs to sex me right now!”

Coach Hale turns on the bench, eyes lit up with amusement as he shoots Stiles a look over his shoulder. “Stilinski, you alright?”

Stiles slaps a hand to his face, cheeks flaming with embarrassment. “Yeah. Sorry, Coach.”

“Just sounded like you had something that needed taking care of,” Hale shrugs, eyes lingering on Stiles a few moments before he turns around again. Coach Hale takes the iPod from the speaker and scrolls through it for a few seconds before putting it back and pressing play.

The sound of Usher’s Scream starts playing through the locker room. Stiles tries not to throw up.

“I think Coach has a thing for you,” Scott teases.

“I think I’m gonna kick you in the face.”


Stiles doesn’t try to be the last one in the locker room when they get back from the track meet. It just happens. It’s a coincidence.

(Except it’s happened four times in the last two weeks, so maybe it’s somewhat on purpose. Maybe.)

“Stilinski? Any particular reason you’re still here?” Hale asks, leaning against the doorframe of his office.

Stiles shrugs, bottom lip jutting out before he replies, “No, just - I mean, I thought I forgot my gym bag, but I didn’t, so.”

“Kind of hard to forget it when you haven’t left yet, isn’t it?”

Stiles rolls his eyes, stomping his foot a little in frustration. “Look, were you serious? With the whole - Coach, you…”


“….okay, I swear to fuck, if you aren’t actually serious and willing to take my virginity, I’m gonna have to switch schools. I can’t look at you and not be able to…”

Coach - Derek steps closer, arms crossed over his chest. He grins slowly, lazily, eyes trailing down the length of Stiles’s body and back up. “Not be able to what, Stiles?”

Stiles gulps. “Not be able to have you. Or - or just. Just fuckin’ touch you. Kiss you, probably. That’s definitely a thing that should…”

Derek cuts him off with a kiss, lips firm against Stiles’s parted ones, but doesn’t take it any further. He pulls back and Stiles whimpers pitifully, clenching his hands into fists so he doesn’t tug Derek back in.

“Now you’re just being a tease.”

“Are you eighteen yet?”

Stiles groans in frustration. “Derek, fuckin’ come on. I will be eventually. This is a life or death situation, anyway. I will literally die if you don’t have sex with me. Just might die quicker now, since I know what you taste like and I swear to fuck I’m gonna die of blue balls.”

“Is that possible?”

Stiles curls both hands around the back of Derek’s neck and slots their mouths together again. Their tongues slide together and Stiles only pulls back when Derek’s fingers are curled in the back of his shirt. “Not really interested in finding out,” he pants, eyes dark when he meets Derek’s gaze.

“So, hypothetically speaking, if we did this,” Derek murmurs, “you wouldn’t tell anyone, right? Not even Scott?”

Stiles winces a little, because it’s Scott, but he’s shrugging and nodding moments later because life or death.

Sex with Derek might kill him, anyway, but he’d prefer that to a threefold death.

“C’mon, Coach,” Stiles grins, eyes vibrant with challenge. “Clock’s ticking.”

Derek smirks, circles his fingers around Stiles’s wrist, and tugs the teen into his office.


When Stiles walks into the locker room the next day, he avoids looking at Derek. Bites the inside of his cheek to keep from grinning, scratches the back of his neck to hide the blush that he can feel descending beneath the neckline of his shirt, and keeps his eyes on the ground as he moves to his locker.

“You seen Coach Hale yet?” Scott asks as he changes into his shirt.

Stiles shakes his head. “No. No, I haven’t. Maybe he’s just running late?”

Music starts up again in the locker room, synthesizers blaring from the speaker on the other side of the room, and Stiles can’t help but laugh when he realizes the song is I Just Had Sex.

“Asses on the track in ten minutes!” Coach Hale announces.

Stiles catches Derek’s eye as the older man passes and grins. His pulse rises when Derek winks and swats at his ass. “Ten minutes, Stilinski. Any later and you’ll stay after for an extra workout.”

Stiles is absolutely late on purpose.

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#an AU where they are fuckbuddies #but stiles realizes he wants more #so much more #but he thinks derek is ok with things being the way they are #so he never says anything #and then something happens #like during a night out with their friends at a bar #he sees derek hitting on some stranger #and it’s not like he can be jealous #cause the rules were clear from the beginning #they were just fucking #so he gets out of the bar #and then he tells derek he doesn’t want to do that anymore #and derek is like why #it was all good #and they don’t talk for months #and one day when they are all meeting again with friends #derek is like what is your fucking problem stiles #becuase stiles has been ignoring him or being mean or whatever #and stiles bursts and he yells at him and tells him that he thought he was in love with him #and derek is stunned #and when stiles wants to leave he grabs his arm and tells him that he is too #and it turns out that that night at the bar #derek was trying to make stiles jealous #so he would make a move into turning this ‘thing’ into a proper relationship #because derek was too afraid of being straightforward with his feelings (via youneedmetosurvive)

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Teen Wolf AU: everyone is happy

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Sterek AU: Christmas is the one day of the year when Stiles can call Derek cute and fluffy without Derek glaring at him.

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STEREK AU: Scott McCall, his girlfriend Allison and best friend Stiles are in their own small band called the ‘Beaconators’ (courtesy of Stiles Stilinski) and decide to take part in a Battle of the Bands contest a few towns over. As they get to the final they butt heads badly with their competitors ’The Wolf Pack’, their lead singer/guitarist called Derek Hale takes a deep shine to the competitions drummer. In order for Scott’s band to win, there’s one condition to be met for Derek Hale. He gets Stiles Stilinski.

Derek: “It’s simple enough. I get Stiles and your bad excuse for a band can win the contest.”

Scott: “Dude, over my dead body.”

Stiles: “No, no, no, you know what Scott, it’s cool. I’ll ugh, take one for the team on this one. Seriously, let me take this one. Definitely taking this bullet.”

Scott:Wow, I can smell your desperation from here.”

Stiles:Shuttup, it’s a win/win. We in the contest and I get boned by the hot band leader. Don’t take this one away from me Scott or I swear to God.”

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Sterek AU: Insecure Stiles

Stiles drives Derek home after their first sex date. He worries that Derek didn`t enjoy himself as much as he did and he gets insecure about it.

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Superhero AU

All the sketches were rejected in the end and nobody wanted to be a hero. And Stiles got hit again for the remade Derek costume

Every time I draw for the superhero AU it all ends up being just something Teen Wolf, because they aren’t wearing costumes there. They’re just teenagers and don’t want to deal with threats to Earth. So here are some sketches by Stiles. Because if anyone was excited about this - it was him.