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If you guessed number 5, you're awesome and win my eternal love and devotion. I really love tea, here's my TEA WISH LIST .



yesterday we were just children

but now we’ve stepped into a cruel world

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Jeff Davis, when asked about dead or disappeared characters: 



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hi hello precious cupcakes renkade asked me to put up sheepgoat stickers up on RB and here they are:

if you have any other things you want up there just tell me and i’ll see what i can do UuU


"allison who?"  - jeff davis proably (via gayargent)

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Okay, so because of this post I’m imagining Scott sitting down and making up a McCall Pack weekly newsletter that he emails to everybody with the MSWord template and writing little pack updates like “Derek thinks it would be a good idea if we participated in the canned food drive down at the library, and I agree, so if you can (no pun intended lol) drop by and donate some food for a worthy cause!” And “When you see Lydia, congratulate her on her perfect SAT scores! We’re gonna take her bowling on Friday, so everybody bring your A-game!” And there’s adorable clip art and birthday reminders and recipes and a joke corner, and Stiles eventually just emails Scott and says, “Dude, I know you like doing this, but can you lay off the Comic Sans? It’s making my eyes bleed.”

So, for the “Remember When…?” section of the newsletter for the next week, Scott types up a 500 word essay in Papyrus font about the time Stiles threw up an entire box of fruit roll-ups in the second grade, thus losing a deck of Pokemon cards to Scott, who just gave them back because he felt sorry for Stiles. And Stiles emails him back with “LOL.”

Mostly, though, Scott just wants everyone to feel included. He doesn’t want anybody wondering if they matter to him and the rest of the group. That’s why he ends every newsletter with, “Stay safe, you guys.” It sounds cheesy, but it’s less weird than the “I love you all” he keeps wanting to add.

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I had to do this.

jen’s high school au sterek fics 


high school fic is my jam. what with the pining and the crushes. so i love when derek and stiles are both trapped in that torment of high school. so this trope is my jam. and don’t be shy to rec me some

derek and stiles are in high school:

derek’s in high school:



Dog Tag Pre-Order for Howler Con!

That’s right! I’m making this awesome dog tag necklaces as part of my table at Howler Con! While I’ll be having a good selection of pre-made tags and necklaces at the con, I won’t be able to make any to order and that’s the great thing about them! They are completely customizable, so I wanted to go ahead and take custom pre-orders for pick up at the con. 

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does anyone have the link to the tumblr fic where derek and stiles are in high school and derek is a werewolf that can hear stiles swooning about derek and derek waits for stiles to ask him out but stiles doesn’t so derek does?

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jen’s pectoral magic sterek fic recs  

those pecs are finally doing something

derek’s magic nipples

stiles’s magic nipples

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no but imagine Parrish secretly thinking in his head ‘oh my god I have just awoken my latent super powers I am actually a real life super hero wait all of these dumb kids also have super powers CAN WE BE THE X-MEN OF BEACON HILLS’ and he secretly calls the Sheriff Professor X in his heart of hearts

# parrish gets more excited about vigilante justice than ANY of them  # derek and scott play rock paper scissors over who has to tell him that the mask is excessive  (via mercutiolicious)

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jen’s fairy tale/disney sterek fic recs 


where to begin….um, i’m considering fairy tales as well as disney productions, y/y? rec if i missed some…


beauty and the beast



sleeping beauty


how to train your dragon

little red riding hood (also here under its own trope)

the nightmare before christmas

howl’s moving castle

tam lin


the frog prince


monsters inc

snow white

robin hood

the little mermaid

general fairy tale trope

that’s all i can think of at the moment…i tried…?


jen’s alpha/beta/omega dynamics trope sterek fic recs 


werewolves (and humans)! they have alphas, betas and omegas depending on the lore you use or universe. and the dynamics between them can be an interesting trope

derek is an omega

stiles is a beta

stiles is an omega

stiles is an alpha



i wonder what derek’s thought process was when they brought parrish over like ‘i don’t have any werewolf powers that could help me suss out what kind of creature he is but i might as well stand really close to him and hold his hands’

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I accept your challenge Tyler Posey, Grace Su, Koo Chung & Jennifer Song!

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