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JEN is:
1. an engineer
2. a Batman enthusiast
3. awesomely hot
4. loves science
5. all of the above.
If you guessed number 5, you're awesome and win my eternal love and devotion. I really love tea, here's my TEA WISH LIST .


painfullystoic answered your post: there was a tumblr fic wh…

If it was one of ros’, and i think it may have been, it’s probably gone, but good luck.

ah darn. i was hoping. but ros wrote such lovely sterek fics. i should have saved them. i never save them. D:

1   •   Aug 26th, 2013

painfullystoic replied to your post: guys with fancy hair just…

I’ll braid your hair. we can drink tea and braid each others’ hair and complement each other on the fantastic job we did. As we rewrite MTV’s Teen Wolf history and make it believable and less racist/misogynistic. :D

please do! seriously, my sister and mom can’t really do my hair since it’s so vastly different from theirs. our genetics made my sister’s hair blonde and disney princess stylin 

1   •   Aug 23rd, 2013

painfullystoic replied to your post: the people in charge for …

OMG RIGHT? BTW I want crossovers where Jess/Dr. Lahiri to come to Beacon Hills. Jess is the new English sub. And Dr. Lahiri hear about hot boys while she was visiting Sacramento for a Gyno conference. Those wolves won’t know what hit them!

i want a crossover that mindy&danny’s kid and jess&nick’s kid either get together or become bffs in college and there is a hilarious meet the parents moment where both kids try to warn the other that their parents are crazy

mindy passing out condoms at beacon hills and not giving any to stiles. and jess passing around the feelings stick to the class and writing songs like “lift me up with your werewolf howl” 

4   •   Aug 23rd, 2013

painfullystoic replied to your post: ok, i am home alone for supper, despite promising…

Dude! There’s this BBQ place here that I adore. They have this sauce called Hot Georgia Peach. BEST. THING. EVER. A side of sweet potato fries and a cold Goose Island Ginger Beer. That’s the life.

THAT ALL SOUNDS AMAZING. No, my place is very low tech. Like they do one things, fries, bbq chicken and brown sauce. and poutine.

0   •   Sep 20th, 2012

painfullystoic replied to your post: the thing that bugged me the most in the avengers…

Ha. lol. You watch movies for the science? I learned a long time ago to switch off my brain when I watch movies. Totally didn’t catch the fact that Batman broke his back and fixed it in like a week.

Batman broke his back and heal over a span of a couple of months. And as someone who also broke her back, it took me like five months to be mobile again. THAT MOVIE RESONATED WITH ME SO MUCH. I LEGIT CRIED. because like, when i was recovering and like feeling awful and thinking I couldn’t do it, my mom was there asking me, why do we fall, jennifer? and i was like, in pain and everything was the worst and i would whisper back, to get back up again. and we had a moment. she would always be there and was like, you can do this. and like SERIOUSLY BATMAN WHEN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES CAME OUT, MY MOM WAS SITTING THERE NEXT TO ME GOING, LOOK SWEETHEART, BATMAN DID WHAT YOU DID and like i cried because OMG BATMAN KNOWS MY PAIN.

painfullystoic replied to your post: reversed big bang’d signed up! hopefully i will…

they’re replying to posts. I got my first choice. I think you did too.


painfullystoic replied to your post: Hi!!-I’m-a-huge-fan-of-your-writing!-If-you’re-sti…

Me. Me! Pick Me! :P *hugs you, Jen*

*hugs you* ships you and awesome daily

painfullystoic replied to your post: Help, I’m super upset that Stiles won’t get the f…

I was in unrequited love with a boy from 4th grade till my junior year of college (I also hadn’t lived in the same city as him since 9th grade) sometimes your heart just wants what it wants. We were friends, and I only ever told him once.

it’s normal to have crushes. i mean, i swooned over this guy in my english class all through high school. but that was about it.we actually live in the same neighborhood and occasionally walked home together. but again, i never told him that i thought he was amazing or funny. he had a girlfriend and me telling him would have made our tentative acquaintance awkward.

i knew friends who actually stalked their crushes. one friend, on the grad night at her BFFs urging, declared her love to him. he was very nice about it but he had never spoken to her prior to that moment. it was awkward. i later became casual friends with him and my friend is still upset that i speak to him and don’t shun him for not reciprocating her feelings. see, he’s a nice guy, but again, it’s not his fault that he doesn’t love her. she has since moved on but she still feels this anger to him for not returning her feelings. which isn’t logical but again, the heart wants what it wants. but she built this whole idea of their love story that it’s soured her a lot

so crushes are normal. what becomes creepy is when no isn’t taken as no and the person decides to still pursue that other person. and that can get complicated

painfullystoic replied to your post: i need tyler hoechlin’s dick in me NOW i need him…

My eyes, my eyes. I think I need to bleach my brain. Really, anon, really?


Dear Jen, I love you. You have a nice brain...with headcanons I want to live in. You make me want to bad!touch you. You should smile more. Someday I will meet you. You + me = fantastic. If I saw you now I’d tackle-hug you. I want to glomp you. I would build a pillow-fort just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be "Eat it". We could ponder about Derek under the stars. Love, Me. (P.S. Lets run away together and make our own tea blends and make Dylan and Hoechlin our best friends.)

painfullystoic replied to your post: rigatona replied to your post: so i guess i should…

Hahaha. I think I drank all of six times during my undergrad & grad years. I don’t drink a lot and when I do it’s sickly sweet stuff. I was never too much of a drinker. Some times I wish I did though.

my liver hates me now, so i drink mixed drinks now and usually just one or two. nothing like my youthful first year.

painfullystoic replied to your post: boxoftheskyking replied to your post: Have you…

How is there elementary fanfic when the show hasn’t started and we don’t know too much about the characterizations? *confused* My biggest concern is that they turned watson into a woman to create sexual tension… which what’s wrong if it’s b/w 2 men also it’s a concern. I’m going to watch it before I determine whether I like it or not. I’m excited to be proven wrong. At least she had a military background (at least that’s what I heard) which makes her kick-ass.

the other comment was telling me of bbc sherlock fics, not elementary. and i am aware of them. i have made recs on sherlock fics.

just the sherlock fandom has been real sour towards lucy lui and very defamatory by citing it’s not sherlock holmes. and that’s not true. because the bbc’s sherlock is just one adaptation, it’s not the original sherlock holmes and sir conan doyle would have hated all sherlock holmes adaptations because he had no love for his creation. so moffat’s rant on elementary and the subsequent fandom backlash is just depressing since elementary is a new spin on a classic. it in no way hinders other adaptations or convolutes the purity of sir conan doyle’s works, i mean, people had no problem with watson being a mouse or a cyborg but suddenly a genderswap is like shocking and vulgar. i just don’t understand people.

and the idea of sexual tension, well people can argue that there is no sexual tension between male portrayals of watson and sherlock and there are already innumerable bromance partnerships on cbs that you know cbs could do a male version quite easily but chose to make it different. which is a nice sign of the times that we can have a POC and female as a lead.

painfullystoic replied to your post: feurycake replied to your post: READ SURPRISE…

Oh God. After I saw your post. I started reading every story bottom up. “Is this death fic? Did they die? No, okay, good ‘TO THE TOP!’”

it was a heart wrenching dsytopia fic. and i was like, what?! they had sexy times. SEXY TIMES. and then ripped my heart out with its teeth. THAT WAS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WANTED. it was a good fic, just heartwrenching and not good to read at 3AM.

painfullystoic replied to your post: it’s been such a weird day. i am tempted just to…

That’s what I’m going to do if I can’t find a proper livestream. It should be torrentable a half hour after it airs- do you want me to send it to you once I have it?

yeah that would be awesome. because it’s been a melancholy day for me. i feel like i need ficcage and disney. i know tumblr will spoil me for teen wolf. i will still liveblog later. hopefully that wont annoy people. the stream i found freezes a lot. and switches to streaming commercials a lot. i’d rather get adsorbed in the episode.

painfullystoic replied to your post: GUYS I NEED HELP. I WANT TO WRITE A KNIGHT’S TALE…

Or Lydia is Stiles’ apprentice and he’s trying to get her to take over more and more work.

I like this. They can be both apprentices to Stiles’ dad. That works.