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JEN is:
1. an engineer
2. a Batman enthusiast
3. awesomely hot
4. loves science
5. all of the above.
If you guessed number 5, you're awesome and win my eternal love and devotion. I really love tea, here's my TEA WISH LIST .


We’re not the first wolf show on tv, but we’re definitely the most fun. 

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The Teen Wolf Cast in the 2014 MTV Movie Awards [HQ] / Click to enlarge!

Holland + Hoechlin || MTV Movie Awards 2014






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"I love this concept,” she told us. “I’ve never paid a lot of attention to my nails because I have these little boy fingers. I always joke I could be a hand model in a Tonka Truck commercial!" - Holland Roden for Byrdie (x)

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Tyler and Holland doing impressions of one another

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Tyler Posey, Holland Roden and Tyler Hoechlin at The Today Show - February 10th

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For people who don’t understand the joke, Kathie Lee & Hoda are known for drinking wine/alcohol on the show.. (x)

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"Right now, I’m listening to Stone Roses, Craft Spells, Deptford Goth, BANKS. Love me some Group Love, they’re blowin’ up like, oh gosh, pop tarts in the microwave for too long. They’re just, they’re doing really well, and I’m really proud of them. Because I don’t know them, but I feel like I know them. That’s what we are when we’re groupies."

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holland roden + her hate of high heels

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