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JEN is:
1. an engineer
2. a Batman enthusiast
3. awesomely hot
4. loves science
5. all of the above.
If you guessed number 5, you're awesome and win my eternal love and devotion. I really love tea, here's my TEA WISH LIST .


jen’s starbuck fic recs 



steve rogers/james “bucky” barnes


jen’s kidfic starbuck fic recs 


kidfic is a staple to all otps

steve and bucky are parents

bucky is a father

steve is a father

  • still waiting to read a fic where there’s a dotting single dad steve

accidental baby acquisition


jen’s college au steve/bucky fic recs 

college aus are my fav, especially when steve and bucky are dorks in love

56   •   Oct 16th, 2014

jen’s high school au starbuck fic recs 


high school aus are my fav, especially when steve and bucky are dorks in love


jen’s new girl fic recs 



Jessica Day/Nick Miller

  • In Each of the Places We Meet by  [Four ways that Nick and Jess never got together, and one way they did.]
  • At the Edges by  [Because let’s be real here: she is totally flirting with him, too. There’s no question about it. She’s flirting back hard, her hand wrapped around the stem of her wineglass and her laugh getting throatier and lower into Jessica Day sexy land.]
  • Pepperwood’s a Snappy Dresser by  [Emerson Cod (of Pushing Daisies) walks into a bar and meets Nick Miller (of New Girl). They have much to discuss.]
  • What to Expect before You’re Expecting by  [Jess wants a baby, Nick decides to be the sperm donor, and for reasons of cheapness they do not involve a doctor in this process.]
  • Plaid, Extra-Small by  [This is why Nick had said, like, a year ago, that Jess couldn’t move in, because she could see that Jess would kill them all in an explosion of glitter.]
  • Gone, Gone, Baby by  [Nick and Jess and the zombie apocalypse.]
  • Half As Happy by  [It isn’t until later that night, when Jess is at the wheel again and Nick is nodding off in the passenger seat, just past the Texas border, that it occurs to Nick that this might be the beginning of the end.]


jen’s thanksgiving sterek recs 


'tis the season to give thanks

happy thanksgiving weekend, from Canada with love! 

jen’s skinny!steve steve/bucky fic recs 

or just not jacked up on super soldier formula 

jen’s post!catws bucky/steve fics  

post captain america: the winter soldier

54   •   Oct 09th, 2014

jen’s logan/scott fic recs 


james logan howlett/scott summers

updating an old list and wishing there was more

37   •   Oct 05th, 2014
#jen's fic recs   #fic recs   #scogan   #xmen   

Annie Edison/Jeff Winger

jen’s aidan/josh fic recs  

josh levison/aidan waite

17   •   Sep 19th, 2014

jen’s tommy/merton fic recs 

 Tommy Dawkins/Merton Dingle

jen’s e/vince fic recs 


Eric Murphy/Vincent Chase

jen’s beckett/castle fic recs 

kate beckett/richard castle

6   •   Sep 17th, 2014

jen’s esposito/ryan fic recs 

javier esposito/kevin ryan

updating an old rec list <3

20   •   Sep 17th, 2014