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JEN is:
1. an engineer
2. a Batman enthusiast
3. awesomely hot
4. loves science
5. all of the above.
If you guessed number 5, you're awesome and win my eternal love and devotion. I really love tea, here's my TEA WISH LIST .


Rhodey attempts to calm his worrying boyfriend


Rhodey attempts to calm his worrying boyfriend

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LEGO Mavel Super Heroes.



#perfect example of how Rhodey talks to Tony #about tough shit #no tip-toeing around #no hand-holding and coddling #fuck that #we’re cracking jokes #and talking directly #and look at Tony #it’s EXACTLY WHAT HE NEEDS TO HEAR #respect #normalcy #being treated like himself #not handled like he’s fragile #do you know how fucking much he would hate that? #he would turn into the biggest asshole in the universe until that pity bullshit stopped #get away from him with that {x}


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tony and rhodey being MIT babies

dumb MIT babies. who wear dumb MIT hoodies. and cuddle and smooch a lot

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"Dum-E, hi, Dum-E! How’d you get that cap on your head? You earned it."

Tony Stark + Robots

      → requested by king-of-sass

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#you know you’re screwed when a missile is aimed toward you and it literally has your name on it

irony man

irony man

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Tony Stark being Tony Stark.

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LEGO Mavel Super Heroes.

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Billionaire Playboys Out on the Job

Stark asks why Bruce insists to keep his identity as secret

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Lucy Liu in the Iron Woman film trilogy

The hero you call Iron Man does not exist. I am Iron Woman.

Back when I was a big fan of the MCU, I recast the white dude heroes as women of color. Someone brought back the Lucy Liu one, and I thought I’d make something a little more polished than the original.

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It’s a big bunny, relax about it!

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I’ve been waiting for this

Countdown to someone actually writing this as fanfic in 3….2…

it would probably be ghostwritten by JARVIS

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And you just know changing into the Hulk wouldn’t have helped.  The same exact expressions would have been involved.  ”HULK NOT THERAPIST.” 

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