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as close to any military fic I will write

Stiles is indifferent to his summer job. It’s not in his top ten picks of summer jobs. It’s not even in the realm of interesting to him. But it’s a summer job. One that his dad got him. So he couldn’t say no. Or he’d have to deal with the looks over supper. And the sighing. So he bit the bullet on that one.

And it landed him working in the mustiest and dustiest museum ever imagined. There is also no air conditioning. And he’d say 99.9% of the Beacon Hills’ population doesn’t know this museum exists. Granted they’re only open once in a blue moon but still. And ignoring the fact it’s on a military base. He has no one to talk to most days. Unless he counts the conversations he has with the museum’s mannequins or the people calling for attestation records. He doesn’t. 

His official boss, Alan Deaton is rarely there. So Stiles is the defacto curator. Assistant curator is what he’ll pad his resume with after this. Even if that’s really an over-elaboration.

But it’s still a museum. Just a really boring one. About military history. Stiles is more with tactile learning. And not inventorying the archives for like the sixth time since he started this summer job. Apparently the inventory is lost every year. Stiles is pretty sure it has something to do with the funding being cut from one of Deaton’s projects and this is subtle revenge ploy to the board of trustees. Except it only really hurts Stiles. Who is measuring the same painting again. It’s still old. And dusty. And basically that is all he say about it since it’s bolted to the wall. Everything is. 

The military museum is in the same building as the officers’ mess, Stiles can see the drill hall from the museum’s doors. Everything is bolted down because enlisted men turn into frat boys on levy day and try to steal other regiment’s stuff. No matter if it hasn’t been inventoried. Stiles is not going to think about the trophies he’s cataloged that were won by the A Company of the airborne division stationed the next city over. Or the coat of arms that clearly isn’t theirs - looks Canadian.

Stiles would say the only break from mindnumbing boredom is on days he opens the museum to the public and Corporal Derek Hale is tasked with security.

Stiles may or may not wear a new shirt on those days. And makes a point to get coffee for two even though Derek is ridiculous and insists on only drinking his coffee after the museum is closed.

He’s glad Derek’s there even though he’s really just a glorified babysitter. Ever since that nut job walked in and tried to break into the WWII gun display. Stiles’ dad overreacted to that. And now Derek is there. Stiles spent a weekend being mulish over his dad pulling rank to get Derek assigned there but apparently Derek is inbetween training courses and the regiment has been trying to find a good excuse to keep him on the pay roster without sending him to another regiment.

And Derek is stoic. Epically so. Especially when Stiles’ dad is around. Well, probably unavoidable, what with his dad outranking him. But still. Stoic.

And hot.

Stiles is not just saying that because the museum has no A/C. Or the only other men in uniform Stiles sees are decrepit mannequins that attack him when he walks by.

daunt, i wrote this AGES BEFORE THE IRON MAN 3 and it has Corporal Derek Hale ;D

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