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I love this woman. 

And this is why I have the up-most respect for her.

she’s like a really sweet supportive mom

Actually, people don’t give her enough credit. Instead, they assume she’s “stupid” because her costumes and makeup used to be pretty out there. She is so obsessed with education that her fans will show up to meet her just so they can impress her by showing their grades on their report cards or their diplomas or degrees. She makes a really big deal out of it too, especially when they understand how and why education is important for them personally and isn’t just a means to an end.

It’s kind of amazing that for some people, they managed to find enough resources such that their love of a celebrity inspired them to find alternate paths for themselves where our education system failed them. And yeah, that celebrity also performed “Stupid Hoe.”

I’d always liked Nicki’s music and badassery but the moment that made me really like her was after seeing the Ellen episode where she meets the British girls, Rosie and Sophia Grace, and she was so amazing. She offered to take them shopping for school supplies and told them to follow their musical dreams but to also stick with school. When she sang with them, she cleaned up the language of the song (they were 8 and 6, I think). I was blown away. She is so kind and gentle and graceful. I will always appreciate Nicki Minaj.

I love her so much. She’s beautiful. She’s smart. She’s kind. She’s talented. She’s bad ass. She’s perfect! 

everyone who hates on Nicki Minaj can go straight to hell because she’s way more there for other women than almost any other female musician except for Beyonce. 

I have so much love for her

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