dear nbc and fox,

can we not have new shows depicting mutilated corpses on primetime television? i get you want to compete with each other with hannibal and the following but srsly, couldn’t you have shows where they’re thieves? or doctors. or space cowboys. or engineers. or just anything that doesn’t endear psychopathic behaviour.

  1. deformed-globule said: Much rarer to see dead mutilated men -.- In 8 or 9 seasons, I don’t think Criminal Minds had ONE episode where the killer is after men only. It’s either women or complete families with loads of LITOL CHILDREN
  2. notafanofstripedcardigans said: I’m so sick of tv fetishizing white men who commit crime. Especially since they still villify any race or woman who dares to be even half as ruthless as these men are portrayed as.
  3. thehappyfangirl said: The Following is just…I’ve never seen a show that eroticizes murder so lovingly and makes sex as violent as possible.
  4. feignedwisdom said: Dead mutilated *women*. I mean, I watch both Hannibal and the Following and enjoy both, but I have to admit to being quite queasy about the number of dead women on those shows.
  5. werefoxes said: i love the following, but that’s one thing that shocked me - how graphic it is.
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